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A creative place for young actors to thrive

The Young Company MCR was founded in 2022 by actor David Witts (Eastenders, The Beekeeper, Wicked) and Casting Associate Charlie Young (CBBC, BFI, Cbeebies) to provide young actors with part-time, professional training that works alongside their studies.

At TYC, we keep class sizes small so that we can offer a bespoke training to young people, whatever their previous experience. First and foremost, we want our young actors to feel safe to create the performances that fully reflect their potential. With a strong focus on confidence-building through improvisation, and a comprehensive look at stage and screen technique, our classes offer a unique look into what it really takes to make it in the entertainment industry.

This is not your average drama club.


Areas of Study


Script analysis

On-screen technique


Scene study


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